3 Tips in Using Direct Mail Marketing for Your Business

Various business nowadays use different kinds of marketing methods. Most companies use social media marketing or email promotions to reach out to more people or attract new customers. Although those two are effective techniques, you might still want to check out other ways to promote your business. If you want an affordable yet effective advertising method, you can still try direct mail marketing.

Whether you own a huge or small business, you can benefit from using traditional methods such as direct mail. You can use postcards to invite people to visit your site or promote an existing or a new campaign. You can also make use of the US, Postal Service to perform Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) programs for your business.

To help you get more information about this method, read on.

Why is Direct Mail Marketing Effective?

Direct mail marketing helps business form a personal connection to customers. Unlike other methods, direct mail is effective because it can help you target a specific group of individuals. For example, you can advertise to these individuals your new product or service. You can also print a call-to-action such as “Find more info about our ongoing sale by visiting our website.” You can also customize your postcards so they can email back to your company if you want people to answer a survey for you. On top of that, you can also ask your customers if you need to stay updated about their preferred services or products.

How to make your direct mail marketing campaign effective

  • Research about Your Target Market – Before you send out postcards to every doorstep, make sure that you know your target market. You have to identify your customers’ age, preferences and other information that can help you specify your target market. For example, if your products are about baby supplies, you may want to focus on sending mails to a household with babies. You can also send out your campaigns to potential parents.
  • Plan Your Campaign Carefully – If you will be sending out direct mail to potential consumers, you should ensure that our promotions will catch their attention. Make sure that you also provide them with facts. For example, if you will have a 30% discount for your products, make sure that it’s a fact. Also, mention how they can get the discount and don’t make them expect that they can automatically have discounted rates if, in reality, they have to complete some steps first. Say, you can print out “Check out my site for more details about the promo.” Avoid spammy campaigns as well. Make sure that you place all the important details together with your exciting offers so people won’t throw away your mails.
  • Give People a Chance to Participate – Aside from promoting your products and services, make sure that you also give people a chance to give you some feedback. Encourage your target market to state their preferences. Ask them what they want or if they prefer a specific approach. This way, you will have an idea of how to make your direct mail campaigns more effective.

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