How to care for your Honda car

Honda cars are pretty hardy beasts. They can take pretty much most that you throw at it. However, as with most things, they still need enough care to make them last a whole lot longer. Most Honda dealers offer in house servicing to ensure your Honda stay in tip-top shape. Here are other things you can do to keep your car at its peak.

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Daily routine check

It is surprising how a lot of people neglect to do daily checks before hitting the road. You should make it a habit to routinely check the condition of your Honda before driving. This simple yet crucial step can prevent accidents even before they happen.

Before heading out, do a quick walk around the car inspecting tyre pressure, water, engine, oil, brakes, steering and mirrors. It’ll only take a minute but will save you a ton of trouble in the future.

Annual car maintenance check

Aside from daily checks, it is also important that you take your car in for scheduled annual maintenance check-up. This comprehensive assessment will help you determine the real condition of the car. They include detailed checks under the hood like engine health, drive belt and battery conditions among others. Just make sure that your service centre is one of the accredited Honda dealers certified to do servicing. This ensures that they use Honda certified parts and repair techniques.

Clean interiors frequently

The inside of your car has many nooks and crannies where dirt and residue can accumulate over time. Most Honda car dealers Brisbane wide recommend a thorough cleaning of interiors at least every month. Take out the rubber mats and hose them down to remove gunk and dirt. Wipe surfaces using microfibre cloths to avoid scratches. Plastic and leather materials are quite sensitive to strong chemical cleaners. Make sure to use products that are deemed safe for plastic and leather surfaces.

Vacuum small corners and nooks to remove accumulated dust. Use the brush nozzle and gently brush on the carpet to dislodge stuck dust and dirt. Use a soft bamboo skewer to remove dirt around button recesses. Use the tip to gently scrape on stuck dirt and gunk being careful not to exert too much force.

Handwashing is best

Washing your car by hand is still the best way to give your car a thorough wash. Though automated car washes are pretty convenient, there are still hard to reach areas that are often missed. Honda dealers recommend using a soft cleaning mitt to scrub your car with soapy water. The soft texture of the mitt prevents damage to the car’s paint job. Use a rubber squeegee to scrape excess water so no hard-water marks are left when it dries.

Glass care

Use ammonia-free windshield and car window cleaner. The ammonia on some cleaners can damage the protective coating reducing the visibility and life span of the glass. After cleaning, use a rubber squeegee or dry cloth to remove excess water. This is to prevent hard water stains from forming. You can pick up ammonia-free glass cleaner and other safe cleaning products on most Honda dealers Brisbane Northside.

Let the experts handle your Honda for you!

When it comes to Honda car care, it is important that only certified technicians do the work. This you can be sure to get the utmost quality service fit for your car. Austral Honda is one of the certified Honda service centre Brisbane wide. Visit to learn more.

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