Style and substance: Get glasses that can give you both

Before, wearing glasses is only for nerds and geeks. These days, you can buy glasses that stylish readers usually use.


Stylish Readers

The rise of influencers

The rise of social media gave birth to influencers who are empowering their thousands of followers with their content. Before, things such as glasses are not thought of as something to post about or model for.

Among the most followed female influencers on Instagram are Amy Roiland, Lyn Slater, Chantal Goldfinger, Julia Gogosha, and even a dog named Warby Barker. Their curated feeds contain a mixture of normal and easy designs to designer reading glasses womens from all over the world are dreaming of.

A lot of times, these women post photos where they can be seen wearing stylish readers for brands and models they feature. In a sense, stylish readers bring the flair and cool factor back into reading books or just wearing glasses per se.

Women and their vision

Study shows that women are more vulnerable to eye ailments. However, this does not mean that men should take it easy. Scientists discovered that blue light emitting from gadgets, such as mobile phones and laptops, is one of the most damaging to the eye’s retina. Continued neglect could lead to loss of vision.

As such, wearing glasses remains first and foremost a need to address vision problems. Today, one can buy glasses with a different style suited to his/her personality. Even when under the sun, readers can now enjoy their favorite book thanks to specialized reading glasses.

Where to get both style and substance?

Visualites has been the go-to online store when it comes to stylish readers and specialized sunglasses. Work and play meet at this shop. Match the power dress you are wearing with on-point reading glasses.

Before, women only had physical stores to get prescription glasses. Now, they can get them online customized to their preferences and needs. They don’t have to choose between being chic or nerdy.

Among the innovative produdcts that you can get from Visualites are womens sunglass readers which offer the best of both worlds: sunglasses and reading glasses. They come in different colors and effects (crystal, purple, smoke, and tortoise) and focal power that you can choose, whether you are using them to the beach or to read indoors. Also available are portable reading glasses for women who know what they want and know how they can get it.

You don’t need to have thousands of followers on social media to become an influencer. Get your readers and sunglasses from Visualites and immediately make an impact on the people around you. Set a fine example of how women should wear glasses without trying too hard or going borderline arrogant.

Match your corporate attire with powerful stylish readers. Deliver a statement without saying a word. Let your sunglasses speak of your style and substance.

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Post Author: Macy Washington

Macy Washington